1. No Deposit no secured date 
If your deposit of 20% is not paid,  your booked date for photo or video is not secured. (This is non-refundable)
2. No payment, no product
If payment is not paid in full you will not receive the product.
3. No RAW footage or RAW video footage
Unless for review use, no raw photos or videos will be available.
4. Travel expenses
If travel is more than 10 miles travel expenses must be paid, added to the full price.
5. Late fee
If you are 2 hours late to your booking a fee of 20% of the agreed price will be charged.
6. Contracts
Some video and photo Services may require contracts to protect both parties involved.
8. Abuse
Any abuse (physical or verbal) made at myself or any crew members involved will not be tolerated and production will cease immediately.
9. Late Payments
If payments are not made within 4 weeks of an invoice being sent a fee of 20% or equivalent will be enacted every week until payment is received.
I want you to have fun while everything is happening! 
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